Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday Friends!

I hope that your weekend was filled with laughter and fresh air! I had a great weekend working as a leader for a high school girls retreat! We helped serve dinner at our local hospitality house then spent ALL day Saturday at a local cave. It was my first time caving and i felt like a total newb in the cave. Luckily i had great co-leaders that took the reins as we climbed, crawled and swam our way through the cave. Caves are one of only two places on earth where you can experience total darkness, the other is the deep sea. All of us girls got so muddy but it just made the experience that much better. We even played a round of sardines in the cave which ended with 13 girls in a small hole. After a long day in the cave we came back to the cabin we were staying at had some of the girls give facials, had some reflection time AND us leaders jumped in the lake…in November. I think my heart stopped beating when i jumped in the water but it was worth it. It was was one of those crazy memories that i will always remember. I hope there will never come a time in my life where spontaneous jumps in a lake, ocean or pool aren’t acceptable. This weekend has left me exhausted but, the good exhausted, the exhaustion that comes from having an incredibly fulfilled weekend. 

Stay tuned for more exciting blog posts this week! 

Peace Out—HAYUP


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