Thankful Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving all! Hoping that you all had a great day with the ones you love and had too much to eat. I have SO many things to be thankful for so here are just a few…


My family that supports me in every aspect of my life

My friends that may laugh at me a lot along the way but have helped me grow

My education and for my professors that encourage and mentor me

My dog that never fails to come and snuggle with me

The outdoors and fresh air

My bed that keeps me warm even when its snowing outside

Movie nights with my roomies

City, State and National Parks

The tires on my car that helped me drive home in the pouring rain on Tuesday

My closet that is probably way too filled

Long snowboarding days ending with mexican food

The big beautiful giant oak trees on my road

Bodies of water

Sunsets that leave me speechless

This blogging community that has already helped me grow in these past few weeks

Here is a sneak peak at the Upton’s Christmas card




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