93 (and counting) Years of Blesssings

At 93 years my Granny is my oldest, sassiest, longest and closest friend. Some of my earliest memories are of days spent at her condo and car rides to my dance classes. She gave me my love for tulips and never fails to tell me like it is. She even made a guest appearance at my sweet 16 and held her own out on the dance floor.  

For a recent assignment I was asked to interview someone in my life that I considered to be wise. So, naturally I gave Granny a call. I already knew the answer to many of the question I asked but, I wanted her to tell me again, this time i was recording it.

As she looked back and reflected on her life thus far I listened intently, took lots of notes and as I looked back at my webcam footage of the recorded phone call i realized that for most of it i was smiling. Her words made me grateful and proud of the family I was born into. A family that prioritized the Lord and encouraged me throughout my life.

She said, “I rely on God for a lot of things and do a lot of praying. I think he has been very good to me because I have lived to be 93 years old. I feel like I have had a very, very good life.”

This gave me the chills because she said this without hesitation. She was able to see her blessings and appreciate her life. Isn’t this the goal; to look back on your life and be able to say that I have had a great life rooted in the Lord?

As a Recreation and Tourism Major one of my core beliefs is to live a full and abundant life, just as the Lord has commanded in John 10:10. Hearing my Granny speak about her abundant life I was so encouraged and inspired in my own life.

Who inspires you in your life?

My Granny and my Aunt sending me off to my Sr. Prom 

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