One Month In


Wow, time flies. Today marks one month as a blogger and here is a shameless selfie to commemorate it. It’s safe to say i’m HOOKED. Sometimes I wish I had a blog about blogging because it is such an adventure in itself. This past month I have grown as an individual and pushed myself to learn new things and grow as a writer. My eyes have been opened to so many new people and ideas through reading blogs. I didn’t know I had it in me to write such meaningful (at least to me) blogposts and figure out my way around the internet. I am here to stay. I am so inspired by all of the blogs out there and their success gives me something to work for. I am excited about many more months to come and a continuation of writing, learning and reading. Thanks to my [few] followers that i have! Please continue to stick with me as my blog as well as myself continues to grow!


4 thoughts on “One Month In

  1. Allie @ Between Dreams

    Hey, sweet girl! Congrats on the one month anniversary! And welcome to your newest addiction, it will only grow stronger from here on out 😉

    Thrilled that you joined in on the blog hop so that I could find your adorable blog! x


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