Sunday Greetings and Some Weekly Wishes

Happy Sunday Friends! Got my week started off right with some church this morning and a big ole lunch at our favorite Mexican place!

I’m pretty stoked because my BFFL Sarah is coming to visit me this weekend!! WAHHOOOO! She is coming to snowboard for a weekend and frankly i am super stoked because for once in my life I would like to be better at her in a sport. (her cross country PR was literally 10 minutes faster than mine) We were figuring out the logistics of what to bring and how much ski lift tickets were going to costs and the conversation ended with me saying ” basically just bring fuzzy socks, movies and blankets.” I laughed at myself because i realized that in Boone, once winter hits blankets, movies and fuzzy socks become some of your most valuable  possessions. My sister takes jewelry and perfume from my Mom’s closet but the only thing i come in and take are her fuzzy socks. I can never seem to have enough pairs. Between snowboarding, sleeping and everyday use during the winter i run out of socks long before underwear. Sorry if that was too much information.


***Funny side story: I was trying to get a good picture to put in the post and i couldn’t quite figure it out so my roommate took this little sucker while I was gone and sent it to me to use in my blog. I’m glad that my blog is turning into an apartment effort.***

It’s a new week…which must mean its time for WEEKLY WISHES with The Nectar Collective

Weekly wishes is a weekly blog link-up for bloggers to encourage others on their goals for the week! There is also always a photo contest with a theme. This weeks theme was colorful. For those who know me well. Colors are my thing. Just take a peak inside my bedroom.

weekly wish 2

These are my friendship bracelets, friendship bracelets that give back. These fun and colorful bracelets stand as a memory for both my camper and a camp counselor experiences. I believe in camp! It gives youth the opportunity to meet new friends, gain independance, explore the outdoors, learn new skills and so much more. Unfortunately, not all parents can afford to send their children to camp. Knowing that there are youth out there that have a desire to go to camp but can not afford it, inspired me to start my simple charity, Threads for Camp.  I sell my friendship bracelets and donate the money to the American Camping Association’s scholarship fund to send kids to camp. If you are reading this post and are interested in purchasing a friendship bracelet (or some for you and all your friends) you can click on the “Threads for Camp” page at the top of my blog.


Just one more picture because they are fun to look at 🙂

1. EXAM TIME!! It’s here!! I know that this was in my weekly wish last week but this is game time. I have already finished with 2 of my exams but I have 3 left this week. So my wish is that i study, study, study and hang in there until Friday afternoon. DEANS LIST HERE I COME!

2. Clean my room. My friend from high school is coming into town this weekend with some of her friends from school and my apt needs some cleaning before it’s ready to host company. I am already off to a good start because i just started a load of laundry.

3. Write Christmas cards for my friends. I hate that I don’t get to spend the holidays with some of my best friends from Boone. This year I want to write them all sweet notes before we say goodbye for a month.

Thanks for reading friends!  And check out my blog tomorrow because i am featuring MY DAD in a post!!

Peace Out, HayUp

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Greetings and Some Weekly Wishes

  1. La Maman Heureuse

    Hopping over from Melyssa’s blog! What a sweet gesture to start your own charity and help not so privileged kids to enjoy camp! Love this idea, it’s always wonderful when people take the time and effort to make a difference for others! Good luck on your exams!


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