I’m Back


Hey Friends! Landed in America about 36 hours ago and I have made my way back to school. I’m back in Boone, back with my friends and back on the web with my blogging friends! Costa Rica was amazing and I cannot stop looking at my pictures. Stay tuned later this week for my first of three post on my 10 day trip through this central American country. As I sit on my bed and ignoring the fact that class starts today I have decided that I should establish my weekly wishes so I can have a productive week and ease back into my schedule. For this week I only have 2 goals but, they are very broad.

1. Organize My Life: My stuff is everywhere!!!! Literally in 2 rooms of my apartment, 3 different suitcases the washing machine and in the dryer. Heck! My bike is even in my room. In addition to sorting my laundry I also need to sort through my Costa Rica pictures for a guest blog post I have coming up!

2. Form a Schedule: The beginning of the semester is always hard and I often resemble a chicken with its head cut off running around campus. This week I need to find a class, workout, snowboarding and blogging schedule that works for me.

Here is a sneak peak at one of my favorite pictures from my trip


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6 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Crystal

    OMG, IS THAT A SLOTH?! I love them so muchhhhhhh. I can’t wait to read all about Costa Rica and welcome back home! Good luck with the scheduling and getting everything put away (I still have things lying about from my own trip that I got back from like…a week and a half a ago. >.>)

  2. Jordan Beck Wagner

    Hi! Such an adorable blog and I just love the design for your header! 🙂 Good Luck as you get back into school. I’m in grad school but we still have a few weeks left until exam time (semester schedule is Oct-Feb, April – July). I totally understand needing to create a schedule in order to stay motivated! Have fun snowboarding (I’m from Michigan and love snowboarding!). Hope you have an awesome week!!! xoxoxo Jordan



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