Separation Anxiety

I have been in Asheville for almost a month now. Not having too many friends up here it has been challenging, but surprisingly enjoyable. I am practicing yoga, slowly eating my way through Asheville, reading for fun, exploring all of the popular attractions, and mostly enjoying living in a city that has a Trader Joe’s. I think I may go to Trader Joe’s way too many times within a week. 

My friends and I are scattered all over for the summer, doing our own things and mostly just  trying to make our parents proud :). After talking to my friend that is currently in Spain and another friend that is leaving for New York tomorrow I realized how far we have all come. It seems that just yesterday my friends and I were planted on Wrightsville Beach discussing what we were going to wear to all of our High School Graduation Festivities, and now, 3 years later, we are rising college seniors trying to find ourselves while at the same time attempting to do something meaningful. Pretty sappy stuff, I know, I know.

Truth is, I miss my friends. I miss our favorite crappy Mexican restaurant, the horrible smell of our fridge, standing at the bus stop, going to the gym at 10pm, watching Harry Potter weekend marathons, talking about our days, and Monday night froyo. This separation from my friends and family is hard, no denying it, but honestly, I can’t complain. I have incredible friends that are doing something meaningful, I’m working at an internship that I love, and I’m living in a city with endless amount of things to do. Things are bittersweet, but when I stop to think, the big picture is that life is sweet. I may have to do some things alone this summer, but at least I get to do them. I am thinking of this as my summer of rest (even though my internship exhausts me) and of solitude. This is my chance to recharge. I even got my hair cut, a new “do” for a new time in my life. It’s my “almost and adult” hair cut. It is still youthful and has some length to it, however, it is tame enough to look professional. I know this experience is all apart of God’s plan for me and I am really excited to see how many more doors this summer will open for me. Who knows, maybe I will turn into a yoga protege. Hahaha.

On my my next few days off I plan on doing a little solo hiking, plenty of reading and trying out a new restaurant. I have been craving craving craving Japanese food and have been scouting out where I should head to.






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