I get asked a lot if I like the beach or the mountains more. It’s a hard question to answer. I grew up at the beach and now I live in the mountains. I love them both equally, which is why I love Maine, but, what almost puts mountains ahead of the beach are waterfalls. With mountains come beautifully flowing mountain water. I’ve jumped off them, I’ve swam under them, I’ve hiked to them, I’ve journeyed around them, and I’ve photographed them. Every waterfall leaves me speechless. Living in Asheville this summer I am just a few minutes down the road from “land of the waterfalls,” Transylvania county. I haven’t made my way through barley half of them but, I am enjoying crossing them off my list one by one.

If someone was to ask me my favorite place in the world, it would probably be in front of a waterfall. No waterfall in particular, just directly in front of one. You can feel the air and the mist coming at you from 10 feet away and bare witness to the power of the moving water. Most of the time the water is cold but, it’s worth it to immerse yourself in a natural swimming pool filled with water straight from the mountain.




From top to bottom looking glass falls, sliding rock, and skinny dip falls

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