Daddy and Dupont

Last week my sweet sweet daddy came and visited me in Asheville. Most times my parents come and visit me together but, this time it was just daddy and me! We spent the day over in DuPont State Forest, just a stones throw away from my aunt’s cabin. I had never been before and really did not know what to expect. The extent of my knowledge was knowing that The Hunger Games was filmed there.

Dad and I explored both high falls and triple falls in the forest. We ended up hiking about 3.5 miles round trip. All of this was done with my backpack on my back and my dad’s camera and tripod over his shoulder. Nothing could stop us though. We climbed up the rocks of triple falls and swam in the pool at the top and then made our way over to high falls and walked on the overlook bridge. These waterfalls were STUNNING. As I mentioned in my last post, waterfalls are one of my favorite things and getting to experience that with my dad made it even more special. I would recommend DuPont State Forest, as well as the entire Brevard Area to anyone! It is filled with simplicity, community and natural beauty.







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