560059_10151615335711388_74388073_nHELLOO! And welcome to my baby Blog!

My name is Hayley Upton so that is where HayUp comes from. I am from Wilmington, NC which is on North Carolina’s Coast. I grew up at the beach and I spent my summers kayaking, swimming, tubing, surfing, spending time with my family and traveling on faith based mission trips. Growing up in such a beautiful place gave me my love of outdoors. On the opposite side of North Carolina, in Boone, both the Appalachian Mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway run through. I am currently a Jr. at Appalachian State University in the heart of Boone so much of my time is spent hiking, biking, hammocking and exploring. Living in both the Mountains and the coast I truly have the best of both worlds and am constantly in amazement of the Lord’s vast creation. I am a Recreation Management major because I want to see the world and encourage others to do the same. Jesus came so that we may have life and live it abundantly and I feel that it is my passion to encourage people to leap outside their comfort zones, as challenging as it may be. Stick with me and follow my journey as i try to turn my pinterest board into my reality and create a name for myself among the recreation, travel and tourism industry.

The Mission:

“To lead readers to greater understanding of themselves and the world around them through encouraging an abundant lifestyle outside of their comfort zones”

Some fun facts about me:
When i can’t fall asleep i listen to “zen garden” pandora station
When i was 13 i took a Wilton cake decorating class
I spend a lot of time thinking about what life would have been if i was a Disney Channel Star
My first ever AIM Screen-name was HayBear22
I could eat hot dogs for every meal…no joke
I had a pet bunny named Winkster that i got for my 6th birthday present

What I Believe 
In the father, son and holy spirit
In the power of the outdoors
In living an abundant life
In finding what makes you come alive
That chocolate can cure a broken heart
That good things are worth waiting for
In the importance of knowing how to be a leader
In trying new things
In a life outside of your comfort zone
In expressing yourself
In taking time to stop and reflect


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