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30 by 30

30 by 30. A list of 30 things I would like to accomplish by the time I am 30

I have actually been working on this list for a while now and many bloggers I follow have similar list. I wanted to make sure these were all things that I truly wanted to do before I am 30, not just before I died. It was hard differentiating this from a bucket list but, these are all things I decided I should do in my twenties. I am 20 years old which is the perfect time to make this list. I have exactly 10 years to accomplish these 30 things. It is my hope that through doing these things I grow and challenge myself. If this is what my next 10 years are going to look like…I am pretty excited about it.

1. Skydiving

2. Buy my own car

3. Fall in Love

4. Finish knitting a scarf

5. Get off my parents payroll

6. Run a half marathon and/or a triathlon

7. Go scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef

8. Find a Job I love

9. Snowboard out West

10. Get a professional massage

11. Go on a solo backpacking trip for at least a week

12. Decorate my own office

13. Eat Gelato in Italy

14. Make money with my Blog

15. Give a motivational speech

16. Start a garden

17. Get a Henna tattoo in India

18. Cut my hair short

19. Drink Margaritas with my parents on Wrightsville Beach

20. Eat a fish I caught

21. Drink Wine in Napa

22. Live Abroad for at least a few months

23. Get lasik eye surgery

24. Host an adult dinner party

25. Visit Grand Canyon

26. Kayak the through the Everglades

27. Sit on a nude beach

28. Purchase a piece of local artwork

29. Refurbish a piece of furniture

30. Go parasailing


Lets hope that when I am 30 I still have as much spunk and personality that I do in this picture from my 20th Birthday.


Maine: The Way Life Should Be

Hey Frands!! As I have previously mentioned I spent 2 summers working as a camp counselor at a summer camp in Maine. My first summer I was 18 and a freshman out of college. I had never been to the northeast before, especially Maine and I knew nobody at the camp I was working at. It was my first time flying alone, first time leaving home for that long, first time in Maine and my first time as a camp counselor. As scary of an experience as it was it turned out to be one of the best things in my life and helped me to become the person I am today. Spending 2 summers in Maine I got to Travel around Maine both with campers on out of camp trips and with my friends on days off.  So!!! Here are some of my favorite things in Maine…in no particular order.

1. Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor


This is a given and a “must see” for any avid bucket list maker and anyone interested in going on a family trip in your own country.  An outdoor enthusiast paradise, Acadia National Park offers countless adventures for people of all ages.  With 50+ miles of biking trails, numerous hiking trails, sea kayaking, and even rock climbing Acadia National Park has something for everyone.  Some must see sights on Mount Desert Island include the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain(one of the earliest in North America), the Bass Harbor lighthouse, and Sand Beach.  After spending a long day in the park make your way into Bar Harbor, which is home to many fabulous restaurants and Bed & Breakfasts’.  Side Street Cafe is a must try for anyone in Bar Harbor looking for the ‘real deal’ as far as Maine cuisine and atmosphere are concerned.

2. Portland/ Old Port


Portland is the Largest city in Maine and home to the historic Old Port District along the Portland Harbor. This is a great place for shopping, going out on the town, grabbing some gelato and checking out museums and art galleries. Portland is a gives a “big city” feel but the simplicity and natural offerings of Maine are right next door.

3. SO. FREE. ME. (South Freeport Maine)


Freeport, Maine is ideal for shopping. With over 100 stores, including Patagonia, The North Face,  J. Crew, Nike and so many more that are all mostly outlets this is a great place to splurge, if you have any money left over from lobster. Even if you don’t want to spend money it is still fun to check out the L.L. BEAN store and take an iconic picture with the giant bean boot out front.


Right down the road is my favorite local lobster restaurant, Harraseeket! It’s nothing super fancy but it is a such a fun experience. My first time there was also my first time eating a lobster. I was shocked when i ordered my lobster only to see the owner reach into the tank behind her, pull out a lobster that was still moving, and place it a pot. 15 minutes later it was on a plate next to a cup of melted butter and it appeared to be looking directly at me. I kept my lobster bib on the entire ride back to camp as a token of my accomplishment for eating my entire lobster. I will always remember that day, the taste of the lobster, the cool breeze of the wind and the smell of the salty sea as I ate by the water.

4. Booth Bay Harbor


Such a beautiful place! It is a very quaint area with unique shops and it is right on the water. I recommend getting some fudge, ice cream, chocolate covered blueberries or LOBSTER!

This was a fun post that took me down memory lane! You can count on more post about camp and Maine in posts to come! Have an awesome day and a great weekend!

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