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What happens when the key chain falls off?


In a meeting, just the other day, I found myself not paying attention and playing with my car keys.  I soon discovered that one of my favorite, and only, key chains is falling off. I got this key chain right after I graduated highschool on a celebretory  graduation trip to the Bahamas with best friends. I can still remember the marketplace, the native bahmeian sales woman, and the heat of the tropical sun from the day I bought it.  Everytime I see this on my keychian it serves as a reminder of the clear blue water,  the breathtaking sunsets and sleeping under the stars with my best friends.

Most  travelers, myself included, choose to buy souveinirs on their tavels. The demand travlers have for a tangeble item to represent an intangeble experience has given way to a market for souveinirs. In popular tourist destinations such as cruise ports and local area attractions many people make a living by selling their artwork, t-shirts, keychains, food and other merchandise to tourist. Some of my favorite childhood memories are watching the basket weavers make baskets at the marketplace in Historical Downtown Charelston.

On the private island of Labadee, owned by Royal Caribean International, there are over 200 vendors that have arranged a deal with Royal Caribean International to sell their authenitic merchandise to thousands of cruisers that arrive on the island each day. However,  I can save the economic impacts of tourism for another post. I want to answer my orignal question, what really does happen when  the keychain falls off of the key ring, the magnet falls off the refridgeorater or when your shot glass breaks into pieces?

Yes, there are more ways to remember your trip such as photo albums or memories but, it is, in my opinion, that this inevitable moment, when your souveinirs are now gone, is a sign that its time for a new trip and a new adventure.  Instead of trying to glue your shot glass back together set your sights and your excitement on a new destination.

This doesn’t mean max out your credit cards today by booking a luxury suite in Paris, it simply just means, start saving, start planning. Or, if your heart is as adventours as mine, you can pass the time while you save up for that plane ticket by being a tourist in your own town or state. Living at both the Mountains and the Coast of North Carolina I can find my own adventure and vactaion in my own back yard and I am sure you could do the same.

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