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Lyrics I Live By

Happy Friday Friends! Luckily, I do not have classes on Friday so my weekend started last night at 8pm, when my CPR/First Aid class was finished. This week my blog has taken a back seat, mostly due to my insane workload and my lack of internet connection. Which has lead me to The Local Lion, a local coffee and doughnut shop, to steal their WIFI and enjoy their doughnuts.


Today I wanted to share a little peace of me, a little peace of my inspiration and a little peace of what keeps me going. As a tourism major and adventure junkie I have full intentions of traveling for the rest of my life. As I apply for internships and look ahead to my professional future I have no idea where my future lies. Alaska, out west, Australia, Europe, even Iceland, i’m willing to go apply anywhere and go anywhere. I am about 80% completely enthused with knowing my future could take me anywhere, 15% overwhelmed by all of the different directions my life could go and 5% scared out of my mind and want to live with my parents forever. (Twin bed 4 life…who’s with me??) That last 5% of me needs a little more encouragement and well…a little more inspiration on the subject.


These lyrics, by NeedtoBreathe, replay over and over and over in my head each time I fill out an application, have an interview or just find an agency that I would like to work for, none of which seem to be in North Carolina. These lyrics, that are so beautifully sung in the song, “Keep Your Eyes Open”, give me the courage and the faith to leave home, let go and make my way to seeing the Great Unknown.

This blogging community has introduced me to a world of people that have experienced and are experiencing the same things that I am. I am thankful for this  community and my home community  that continues to encourage me through my journey.

Have a great weekend friends! Thanks for stopping by!