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a fisheye life


As I mentioned, my Dad gave me a fun little camera with a fisheye lens for Valentine’s Day. I have been having lots of fun snapping some shots. When I uploaded the pictures to my laptop, I realized just how much got in the picture. My shoes, the person beside me, my neighbors house…things I didn’t intend to be in the picture. The view through a fisheye lens is a little (more like a lot) wider. In other words, I can get a lot more in the picture. So, I got to thinking, shouldn’t we all see the world more like a fisheye lens, with a wider view of the world around us?

I asked myself, “Hayley, how can you make your life more like a fisheye lens?” So, I made a list, (what else would I do in class?) and came up with ways I can challenge myself to have a wider and broader scope on life. Here is what i came up with: caring for other people, paying more attention, appreciating what I already have, trying new things, breaking stereotypes and reading more. Pretty ambitious, huh? I came across this quote

” I live my life in widening circles,

that reach out across the world.

I may never complete the last one,

But I give myself to it. “

— Rainer Maria Rilke

That last statement really stuck with me, “But I give myself to it.” I like that. In my opinion, we can never stop broadening our view, especially as travelers. So, lets give ourselves to continuing the widening of our eyes and our hearts.

For this week, I am going to work on one of these, this week i am going to read more. I have some National Geographic articles to catch up and a few other magazine articles that I have been wanting to read. And by read, I mean actually read and re-read, to soak up the information and really let it sink in.  Next week, I will tackle another challenge. Stay tuned!



A Spring Break Sunset

These pictures are just too good not to share! I have been having a blast this Spring Break. Laying on the beach, catching up with friends, watching movies, being with my family, relaxing in my hammock….are you jealous yet? I love getting to watch the sunset over the water, as apposed to the usual mountains, so I took my camera out to catch some pictures of a Wrightsville Beach Sunset.


Hope you all are enjoying warmer days and sunshine.

Five for Friday- February 14th Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day Friends! Honestly,I am pretty indifferent towards Valentine’s day but, after my friend gave me a Valentine’s day card, it got me in the spirit.

Here are 5 of my favorite Valentine’s Day themed things!

1. YOU!

youare loved

No matter what type of relationships you have in your life remembered that you are LOVED.

2. New2Me Nikon Coolpix


This picture may seem like it has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day but it actually has everything to do with Valentine’s Day. The camera this was taken on was my Valentine’s Day gift from my Dad. Like I have talked about before my Dad is a professional photographer. He didn’t exactly tell me how he acquired this camera but I received an older Nikon Coolpix camera in the mail on Monday, complete with 3 lenses. Due to the crazy Boone blizzard, I haven’t been able to take it out much but, I did manage to snap this picture in my backyard when the snow lightened up.

3. To the Moon and Back


I stumbled across this print on ModCloth and thought It was appropriate for today. No matter what day of the year, I would love to have this hanging on my walls.

4. Turquoise Gold Ring


I am not big on jewelry. My active lifestyle has me taking jewelry on and off all the time which usually results in me losing it. However, if someone was looking for a gift to get me for a special occasion, such as Valentine’s Day, this would be my pick.

5. Hallelu Notebook

Since I started my Blog I have wanted to write EVERYTHING down. Idea here, idea there, I am always looking for things that inspire me or that I want to write about. I am loving this cute little notebook that was made locally in my hometown, Wilmington, NC.

Sending you lots of love today! Join me in the LinkUp

Love, HayUp

Capturing Travel: Featuring My Dad

Meet my Dad. Jack Upton. I got my Mom’s good looks.

Since 1974 my dad, a professional photographer, has made a living behind the lens of his various cameras. When I was younger having a photographer as a father had little value to me other than having fun photoshoots with my friends and awesome Christmas cards each year. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that my Dad’s profession might have been cooler than I had originally thought. As a tourism major and a recent blogger,I  am constantly exposed to personal and professional travel photos. For class assignments  I am always researching and looking at agency’s and organization’s brochures, websites and magazines. One day it dawned on me that my Dad had been traveling and taking pictures for agencies and organizations just like the ones I look at in class. My Dad took artsy travel photographs even before social media made it a trend!  This caused me to wonder…Was my dad trendier and cooler than I was when he was my age? Probably.


Fort Fisher, NC- Jack Upton

This past Thanksgiving break I sat my dad down for a quick interview about his experiences as a photographer and how he managed to not only sell his photographs but also sell the destination itself through these photos.


Ariel Bald Head Island – Jack Upton

With inspiration from photographers such as, Richard Avedon, Jim Brandenburg, and Irving Penn my Dad got his start right out of his high school graduation (once he finally passed his math classes). When I asked him about his first camera ,he responded by placing his fingers under his chin, turning his head, pondering for a second and then responding, “ It was a twin lense Rolleiflex camera that was originally given to my sister by my Uncle. She didn’t really give to it me; I just started using it since she never used it.” I began to laugh because that sounds exactly like something my dad would have done.The Rolleiflex camera was a film camera which led him to a 25 year career as a film photographer (he later added a dark room in our garage). Having been in a generation of photographers that made the transition from film to digital, I was interested in asking about what made film such a unique element. He said,”Film,black and white is better, contains a lot more latitude and it gives you better tonal range. Film photography is definitely a craft, digital is too easy because you can manipulate anything.” None of that makes any sense to me but, I’m sure that all of you photographers out there will resonate with that statement.


St. Thomas – Jack Upton

As I asked him about some of his favorite experiences and photoshoots from his almost 40 year career, we both start to reminisce.  Many of his experiences are my favorite memories with him.  His favorite and most memorable photography trip was taken before I was born, in 1990 to the U.S Virgin Islands to take stock photographs. The incredible scenery and natural landscapes made for beautiful photographs, a great business trip and a quick break from his toddler at home ( my sister). This tropical paradise left him with images that captured the essence and atmosphere that portrayed the U.S Virgin Islands as the perfect travel destination that it is.He has had many more memorable opportunities, especially in his home state of North Carolina. Hang Gliding tournaments at Grandfather Mountain and the Outer Banks, hiking along the Appalachian Trail, taking aerial photographs of the coast and capturing skylines from the top of historical steeples, Jack Upton was in high demand across the state to capture its beauty and feature all that North Carolina has to offer. For him, it is all about capturing the atmosphere, excitement and emotion that comes along with each destination. Many of these trips  my family and I got to accompany him, but I was sometimes put to work.My sister and I were often  asked to grab our beach bags and boogie boards to capture the perfect all in one sunset/beach/family vacation photograph. We made quite a few debuts in brochures and magazines. My modeling days are long over, but growing up with Jack Upton as a father was never without excitement and surprise.


Bald Head Island Sunset – Jack Upton

I know very little about photography. Jack hooked me up with a snazzy little point and shoot lumix a few years ago, but I leave photography to my dad and photography major friends at school. But, despite who is taking these pictures, these pictures are important. Think about it. What makes you want to travel?? For me, it’s seeing pictures on pinterest, facebook or in a magazine (usually National Geographic). My freshman year in college a lot of my friends had this iconic pictures on the edge of the rock and for the longest time my close friends and I could not figure where this picture was taken. After some research ,we finally discovered the overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and we managed to snap a few photos ourselves…nothing like hopping on a bandwagon. eeekk. So ,why do i tell you this??? Well, mostly to brag about my dad because I have never given him enough credit,  Also,  I  tell you this so you will appreciate the pictures, the pictures that inspire you to travel and to encourage you to take more pictures. You never know when your newest blog post or facebook album will have friends dying to know where they were taken.


4th of July – Jack Upton

Thanks for reading friends. As always I love your comments. Have a Great day.

Peace Out, HayUp

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