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Things I’m Looking Forward To

As the end of the semester approaches and i feel myself getting trapped in a never ending cycle of school work and sleep and then more school work (and some blogging). The thing that is motivating me through these dull times are the EXCITING things that I have coming up in the next few weeks and months. In no particular order here are some things that you can look forward to reading about in the near future.



I go to school in the Mountains of North Carolina so snowboarding is pretty popular, not as popular as up North or out West but popular none the less. My freshman year in college I even got to take snowboarding as a PE credit. Unreal I know. Last year I got a snowboard for my Birthday and spent the majority of my winter hitting the slopes every chance I got. The mountain opens any day now and I cannot wait to be back in action and snowboarding with my bestfriends. Another added excitement to this is to finally get to wear my early Christmas present, a new snowboarding Jacket. Having my old pink one since the 7th grade I finally decided to ask for a new one this Christmas. I found this beautiful blue Dakine jacket for 50% off at a local sale.


Getting to see my Family

Ever since I have left for college I spend very little time back at home in Wilmington. I go to school across the state and have spent my past 2 summers in Maine so my time at home is limited to holidays and extended school breaks. I haven’t even seen my brother-in-law since May so I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas with the ENTIRE family.

Getting to see my Friends

Like I said, I spend very little time at home and when I do it usually doesn’t correspond to when my friends that attend other colleges are home. Christmas break is the one-time throughout the school year that almost all my friends I grew up with are home at the same time! This year I will be hosting my 3rd annual Christmas cookie party and will get to see all of my closest friends from highschool. Which brings me to my next exciting thing…


When I was younger, okay to this day, I love to bake. I always love a good excuse to bring out the apron and my kitchenaid mixer (that was my christmas gift when i was 14) and whip up a batch of cookies. Because I am in college, have a very tiny kitchen and frankly can’t afford to buy ingredients I only get a chance to bake again around the Holidays. I can’t wait (and neither can my friends) to get back in the kitchen to whip up some of my favorite recipes. Definitely recipes and pictures to come.


Yes, I said it, COSTA RICA!! I just made my last payment so it couldn’t be more official! I am leaving on January 2nd for a 9 day trip through Costa Rica where I will be touring and learning about eco and sustainable tourism efforts in Costa Rica while having TONS of fun along the way. I am so excited not only to travel somewhere new but also to learn about an industry that I would love to work in one day!

Leave a comment and let me know what you are excited this upcoming holiday season and Winter!

Peace Out–HAYUP


The 2nd Tasty Tuesday

Let me just say that i am hungry just thinking about this right now.

I discovered Gelato Fiasco this summer in Maine when my camp friend (and real life friend), Ali took me on our first day off. Having not made it to Italy yet, this was my first time having Gelato. I fell in love instantly and Ali and our day off gang went to get Gelato on almost all of our days off.

In their words, Gelato Fiasco’s gelato is “Inspired by Italy. Perfected in Maine.” All of their gelato is made from scratch in their kitchen and you can count on having at least 30 flavors to choose from. Can’t choose just one? Yah, I couldn’t either. You can mix and match as many flavors as you wish!

They have 2 locations throughout Maine and also have many partnerships throughout New England so you can pick up a pint!

check em out http://www.gelatofiasco.com

Hope everybody has a great Tuesday and finds a tasty treat at some point today!

Peace Out–HAYUP



Leadership Lessons from Frederick Olmsted, the designer of Central Park


Frederick Olmsted, father of landscape architecture and designer of Central Park, said, “I have all my life been considering distant effects and always sacrificing immediate success and applause to that of the future.” Olmsted knew that he would not live to see the finish product of central park because it would take decades to for the plant life to reach maturity and for the city in which it was built to develop.

For those like me that consider themselves more of a leader than a follower; strive to be a transformational leader. This meaning that you are a leader with a passion to achieve great things, encourage individuals to grow and succeed and prove yourself as a person with integrity. In short, a transformational leader is just as it appears, one that is dedicated to watching individuals transform. However, like Olmstead, we may not be able to see immediate success in our relationships with others nor can we change the world in one day. But, we can be satisfied in knowing that we have planted a seed and laid a foundation for others.

My two summers as a camp counselor comes to mind when I think about this. I spent 7 weeks living with middle school girls and I soon realized that in that time it would be impossible to teach them to love the outdoors as much as I did. So, I came to the realization that the best I can do is to share with them my passions, set a good example and hope that one day they find themselves on a vacation and book the zip line excursion and remember my face as I sent them off their first zip line.

Whether you realize it or not you are a leader in some way. You may be the president of the United States, the president of your club, a leader in your community or a spiritual leader but, whatever it may be I encourage you all (and ask that you encourage me) to pursue your leadership and transform the ones around you.



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