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30 by 30

30 by 30. A list of 30 things I would like to accomplish by the time I am 30

I have actually been working on this list for a while now and many bloggers I follow have similar list. I wanted to make sure these were all things that I truly wanted to do before I am 30, not just before I died. It was hard differentiating this from a bucket list but, these are all things I decided I should do in my twenties. I am 20 years old which is the perfect time to make this list. I have exactly 10 years to accomplish these 30 things. It is my hope that through doing these things I grow and challenge myself. If this is what my next 10 years are going to look like…I am pretty excited about it.

1. Skydiving

2. Buy my own car

3. Fall in Love

4. Finish knitting a scarf

5. Get off my parents payroll

6. Run a half marathon and/or a triathlon

7. Go scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef

8. Find a Job I love

9. Snowboard out West

10. Get a professional massage

11. Go on a solo backpacking trip for at least a week

12. Decorate my own office

13. Eat Gelato in Italy

14. Make money with my Blog

15. Give a motivational speech

16. Start a garden

17. Get a Henna tattoo in India

18. Cut my hair short

19. Drink Margaritas with my parents on Wrightsville Beach

20. Eat a fish I caught

21. Drink Wine in Napa

22. Live Abroad for at least a few months

23. Get lasik eye surgery

24. Host an adult dinner party

25. Visit Grand Canyon

26. Kayak the through the Everglades

27. Sit on a nude beach

28. Purchase a piece of local artwork

29. Refurbish a piece of furniture

30. Go parasailing


Lets hope that when I am 30 I still have as much spunk and personality that I do in this picture from my 20th Birthday.

Jannell’s Hidden Gems Around Charleston, SC

Meet Jannell! She is a twenty-something wife, dog lover, champagne drinker, ice cream carton eater, recent marathon runner and most importantly MY SISTER. After many family vacations growing up, a 4 month summer internship and a year and a half living in Charleston, SC,  my sister knows her way around the Holy City. I went and spent the night with her and her husband on my way home from Boone. While I was hard at work baking cookies in the kitchen I let her commandeer my blog to talk about some of her Charleston favorites, some of which you might not find in your local visitor’s guide. Here are some of Jannell’s favorite {hidden} Gems around Charleston, South Carolina.


1. Dell’z Deli: Dell moved to Charleston from the Caribbean and when she did she brought a little piece of culinary heaven with her. When I met my friend, Robyn, the first month I lived in Charleston we decided to meet for lunch one day at this “little hole in the wall spot” she knew about. We have all heard the “little hole in the wall” expression before but this is like, FOR REAL, a hole in the wall. The entire restaurant is smaller than most people’s second bedroom and there is no seating, everything is to-go. Dell is only open for a few hours in the middle of the day for lunch and then again 10pm-2am for late night. BRILLIANT. Her fresh wraps, caribbean pizzas and healthy spin on traditional southern guilt food stole my heart. And then it stole my husband’s heart, then every single one of my friends’ hearts and now my parents are obsessed with it, too. We like to take it down to Battery Park for picnics, it is sort of our cute tradition. The price is just right, too ringing in at under $12 for pretty much everything made fresh to order. Basically, YOU’RE WELCOME!

2. The bar menu at Cypress: $4 glasses of wine during happy hour, a meatball plate for $12 and the most amazing charcuterie plate in Charleston for a good-looking $12, too. The scene is super urban… like a southern version of Buddakan (Buddakan is in NYC and where Carrie and Big had their rehearsal dinner in the movie.)  Social + Wine Bar is also on-point with their Happy Hour Specials with $3 glasses of delicious wines, champagne and Gin concoctions. Plus, they have a $3 flatbread pizza and a blue cheese/homemade chips dish that don’t hold out on the delicious.

3. This one isn’t really a “gem” per se because everyone knows about it, but Market Pavilion Rooftop Bar: It’s expensive and Ritzy BUT it’s one-of-a-kind amazing with a 360 degree rooftop view of downtown Charleston, a pool and high top tables with umbrellas to shield the hot southern sun. This isn’t a place you stay all night, but do yourself and favor and either wrap your day up or start your evening there.

4. Taco Boy: Say hello to the most delicious guacamole and you’ve ever had in a rural, garden setup. It’s not your average spot to load up on refried beans and cheesy rice. Their dishes are fresh, their bar is fun and it’s spot-on place to day drink. Just sayin’…

5. The Shrimp and Grits at 82 Queen: Just do it.


If you ever find yourself exploring the beautiful and historical city of Charleston with an empty stomach, keep us sisters in mind!

Just for fun here is an old photograph from a Christmas card photo shoot we had in Charleston circa 2003.

jannell and hayley

Thanks for reading friends.

Peace Out–HayUp